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A discussion of the concept of cylindrical plastic woven cloth coated plastic composite machine

2012-12-8 10:28:23

Plastic weaving industry is a traditional labor-intensive industries ,but with the economic development,increased labor costs ,plastic weaving industry into a restructuring to enhance period .Just for  domestic plastic woven equipment,such as tape stretching winding extensive use of bariable frequency control ,real constanttension winding ,fixed-length wrap roll,circular loom configuration weft yarn tension control system ,plastic woven processing equipment automation and control technology has been greatly improved ; especially plastic bags after finishing molding process automation equipment Road and the pooularization of the entire roll of cloth such as woven tube continuous printing ,automatic kerf end of the valve pockets automatic Bag and so on .Plastic weaving industry processing equipment----the woven cloth coated composite machine whether industry whether they can adapt to the requirements of the development of the former Road equipment and equipment changes after a woven the equipment overall upward progress prerequisite to re-examine and efforts should be made in the direction of ,and should be included in the technical content .

1Further understanding of the performance of composite woven polypropylene compiled :heat sealing welding performance

Plastic woven fabric is a woven material ,and therefore can use the traditional sewing methods production of bags .However ,due to the sewing needle is inevitable loss of the strength of the fabric .Such as conventional woven bags , reference national standard parameter indicators ,fabric strength can reach 600N/5CM,the bag bottom seam strength can only reach 250~300N.Proved sewing needle so that the woven fabric at the expense of 25 to 40% of the fabric strength ,while the strength of the plastic welding is substantially close to the raw strength .Another reasonable sewing machine stitch length also limits the speed of bag making sewing .
      From the historical point of vew of the development of plastic woven bags ,people have been expecting heat welding method to sealing bag making .The polyolefin is non-polar polymer materials ,to its molecule substantially without any polar groups ,high crystallinity ,good chemical stability ,low energy surface and difficult to bond the polymer material .Ordinary bags cannot use a thermal bonding process .To the adhesive ,must be subjected to treat the surface . Plastic composite is a surface treatment method . Plastic woven plastic composite later became a composite material ,both the characteristics of the substrate and the nip of the thermoplastic properties of the film ,such as water resistance ,moisture resistance ,chemical resistance ,flexibility ,breathability and hear-sealing property .Here ,we want to stress and attention that has good heat sealing .The possibility of plastic composite plastic woven plastic welding method heat sealing bag provided .

  DuPont invented the PE coated composite material proposed using hot air welding method of saeling bag making in 1970.(See DuPont U.S.Patent US3951050 and US4291082).In fact ,a common plastic composite woven tarpaulin stitching and adhesive ,and a lot of hot air welding process.As conventional techniques in the same industry ,but we turn a blind eye .

On he basis of composite plastic woven fabric has good heat sealing properties ,use of plastic welding heat sealing bag-making process is the most successful example of this is Starlinger and W&H to launch the substrate for the production of the woven composite cylinder cloth squarethe bottom valve pockets ,that the industry ‘s so-called “world-famous’AD*STAR puch.Square bottom bag vale port end of the bar and bags to enhance adhesion of the patch is the use of composite plastic woven cloth heat sealing .Starlinger production process of plastic woven bags and bags through the PCT route is registered in 69countries for a patent ,but the patent has been registered in China Changzhou Hengcheng all invalid , thus breadking the Western counterparts patent barriers, for our the woven industry restructuring and health cleared the legal obstacles to sustainable development .Although its patent against scientific knowledge is difficult to set up ,but its practice and exploration is undoubtedly a useful inspiration for the development of the industry,and has made a huge contribution ,we advance enchmark.In addition , due to the process of re-film FFS is simple ,are some of the industrial areas of alternative and erode the original woven bags market . But compared to the weight per unit area due to the heavy film FFS bags strength and plastic bags ,or lack of economy,PP woven Starlinger and Haver&Reck Germany Cooperative Extension FFS bags, in-depth development of the woven industry have a directional significance beneficial exploration .As a peer ,we must pay attention.

In view of the heat-sealing properties of the composite woven material , a heat sealing process Bag,woven fabric the elongation at break will be sacrificed after the welding . i.e.the toughness of the woven base fabric and affect the quality of the bag ,particularly in the bag edge creases gravitational concentratedat. How to ensure the thermal welding after the composite substrate in certain peel strength while still maintaining the mechanical properties of the original woven base fabric ,that maintain the tensile strength of the fabric does not decrease ,and the elongation at break as little as possible at the expense ,as new focus . Which we need to re-understanding of polypropylene woven plastic omposite process requirements .While ensuring reasonable composite peel strength as the objectives and requirements of the composite process ,first ,the base fabric should loss tensile strength ,and minimal damage to the elongation at break of the base fabric .

2About coated formulation of raw materials

Most of the woven cloth coated composite use the extrusion hot melt resin method . Extruder ,cast film heat-sealable to a plastic woven ,actually a kind of plastic welding .Bag adhesive when welding and re-melting the woven cloth surface of the film ,that is ,through the external heat ,so that the state close to the viscous flow state ,the formation of the weld puddle ,and not under pressure ,the two adhesive materials . In this way ,the heat sealing bag-making process involves heating before and afer the two,therefore ,must be comprehensive assessment to consider before and after the two heat woven and bag .

Implement a composite process while ensuring reasonable composite peel strength ,without loss of the tensile strength of the fabric , and minimal damage to the goal of the elongation at break of the base fabric ,Coated raw materials currently on themarket are mostly meet .If we test the Jiangyin Jiang YAN brand PPH-H-300 special plastic composite material,Jinan new company HP-200,adding 15~20% of the Yanshan 1C7A, all can carry out .But the traditional formula of compound out of the woven cloth ,the use of hot air welding bag ,welding temperature window at 560~580,composite fabric elongation at break from 22 to 24% drops to about 10%. That is to say the bag of two heating for composite fabric is very big impact .In Jiang Yan brand PPH-H-300 special plastic composite material added in India Omega Company financial means for 80 grams/10 minutes after the plastic additives ,coating compound machine die temperature drops to 260℃,making the welding technology temperature window at 520~560℃,composite fabric breaking elongation decreased from 22 to 24% t about 15%.The Korean SK R680S coating grade PP,financial means for 28 grams/10 minutes,making the welding temperature window at 480~520℃,composite fabric elongation at break from 22 to 24% drops to about 15%.Therefore ,comprehensive assessment。

3Coated plastic machine a composite air gap adjustment composite air gap

adjustment. The so-called composite air gap refers to the distance of the die lip to the tangent of the phase of the cooling roll and the composite pressure roller. To keep a certain air gap height, is conducive to a full oxidation of the melt and improve the peel strength of the composite membrane. The air gap is too large, the melt temperature is decreased to a large reach polymerization fabric when the melt temperature it is difficult to meet the requirements of the adhesive. The air gap is small, the melt temperature is too high, the inevitable damage reduces the breaking elongation of the woven base fabric. Meanwhile, how to find a balance point, to ensure that reasonable composite peel strength without loss of the tensile strength of the base fabric, and the minimum extent without prejudice to the elongation at break of the base fabric, to grasp the air gap time is very critical.

The airgap time (m / s) = air gap (mm) / line speed (m / min) × 60

Our test by 85%, 58 to 60 grams / square meter of base fabric, plastic materials, melting means 25 g / 10 minutes of polypropylene, 15% of 1C7A, coating thickness of 22 to 24 grams / square meter, gather gap time in the 100 ~ 120m / s, the tensile strength of the composite tubular cloth cylinder Buji Bu 6-8% increase in the composite base fabric the elongation at break to maintain the original consistent, the peel strength is much higher than the requirements of the national standard indicators.

The plastic composite HengCheng absorb LENZING, and STARLINGER of technology, compounding extruder pan uprights cantilever structure. The structure of this space, you can move to free up enough space for ground operations.Plastic composite machine in HengCheng of the lift installed in the compound on both sides of the machine frame, can be very convenient to adjust the two composite roll tangent height and angle easy to adjust in order to achieve a composite air gap.

Further Understanding of singlemode head foldback coated composite device.Due to the plastic woven historical factors, first appeared in the warp knitting flat woven piece, rather than double cylinder circular loom weft knitted.Therefore, the early plastic composite machine is built in a flat-woven piece as development on the basis of the main processing materials seam bonding bag making flat-woven plastic coated, for example, in the adaptation needs, including woven tarpaulin. Later, in order to take into account the circular woven tube cloth, commonly used in the field of printing exhumation device to achieve circular woven tube cloth at one time on both sides plastic composite. Later, in order to take into account the circular woven tube cloth, commonly used in the field of printing exhumation device to achieve circular woven tube cloth at one time on both sides plastic composite.Requirements of both sides of the tubular fabric coated, Austria LENZING production double extruder, dual composite plastic composite machine device. Cylinder circular woven cloth coated in terms of the industry represented by Mr. Yong-jen Wang singlemode head foldback plastic composite, is a simple, barely make do with the equipment, Mr. Wang is recommended dual extruder, dual composite deviceplastic composite machine. Mr. Wang reasons given by the of singlemode head foldback plastic composite technology, its defects composite bag folds, reason, tube material woven cloth side first composite composite after cooling contraction, this side of thickening changetight, while the other side is relatively loose; reversal coating the other surface, with a number of guide rollers will be woven cloth sent to the the singlemode head composite therefore inevitable in the traction process, due to a tight tube material piece on both sides of a looseground wrinkled.

And this process is coated with a low yield. Mr. Wang's opinion, reflect the backward part of the equipment in the domestic reality, process management infrastructure the human wave tactics plastic weaving of enterprise inevitably encountered the problem.

But we believe that it should be abandoned conservative and old-fashioned concept of empiricism, standing under the premise of the plastic weaving woven equipment and technology progress, adhere to the scientific concept of development, with the times, to re-examine the two composite process, to perceive the essenceidentify the cause, to obtain a correct understanding of the development of directional, in order to facilitate development. This is the manufacturer's conscience. Unsustainable of Wenzhou plastic weaving mode has been seriously misled the development of plastic weaving industry in China.

The foldback coated process singlemode head cylinder for circular woven cloth side plastic coated, the existence of Mr. Wang said the two layers of tension inconsistent situation. But the dual extruder, dual composite device coated composite technology also exists, which in theory is unavoidable. Tube cloth tube cloth from a composite device to the next composite device is guided longer distances, as long as the guide roll processing accuracy is not enough, more likely to cause the phenomenon of base fabric folds. Singlemode head foldback process of exhumation of bodies coated mechanical analysis: First, you must ensure that any point on the path of the tube cloth completely equal, The second is the same linear velocity, cloth folds phenomenon can be avoided. There are differences in the point of time of the corresponding point force, but about reentrant guide roll can be mutually offset their differences; floating roller can also, or in the turn-up roller inflatable flotation principle to counteract the tension change of the base fabric. Therefore, the the canvas folds fundamental reason lies not reentrant bodies, but may be only in that the base fabric warp tension is not balanced, or by using the machining accuracy of the machine parts, such as guide roll and pressure roller radial runout, difference in the relative parallel degree of the transmission roller.

      At present ,a large number of domestic tape stretching machine winding magnetic drive or variable frequency control to achieve constant tension winding,circular loom configuration weft yarn tension control system ,electronic enhance the technological progress of the process equipment of the plastic woven former Roadgreatly improves the degree of cirlular woven tubular fabric uniform tension ,especially faric warp tension ,therefore ,the plastic composite substrate processing conditions changed .Constant into the company to provide customers with the production end of the valve pockets six shuttle circular loom woven ,frequency control of the warp equalization device is also equipped with displacement sensor detection the floating roller adjustment mechanism of the closed-loop control and frequency conversion ,cloth weaving barrel warp tension is relatively more balanced .

     Advances in mechanical processing equipment manufacturing conditions ,to catch up with the world advanced level hardware . Constant into the company’s rack coated composite device is the CNC gantry pentahedral machine tool machining a fixture ,completed a five-face machining .The guide rollers used in all the surface hardened profiles ,the balance of the roller can be effectively controlled .

    The economy of the device is determined by the device to create much value to the customer . Germany WINDMOLLER singlemode head reentrant-coated device about 500,000 euros ,production line speeds of up to 200m/min .Accounting device is not the weight of the steel process ,never more than double extruder ,plastic composite dual composite device less investment , economical equipment. Width doubled its level of machining accuracy and machining hardware requirements squaremultiples .Similar repeated parts is less ,but absolutely have no production costs to be reduced accordingly conclusions .

       We know ,square bottom bag making ,bag surface folds barrel cloth the transverse cutting steering ,very easy to swap bags downtime . Therefore ,higher than the general requirements of the coated base fabric surface coated from the experience of foreign counterparts ,the cylinder of the production end of the valve pocket cloth coated singlemode head foldback coated process than double extruder ,dual composite device coated composite technology . Simple is beautiful ,simple is good ,,simple is practical ,reliable and secure .Double extruder ,dual composite device plastic composite machine ,increased material waste ,increasing energy consumption ,increase the maintenance point increase operator to increase the security risks ,increase floor space ,still facescomplex Ji Bubu face discount phenomenon this process of composite machine without merit .This is European counterparts based on universal common sense to give up the starting point for this process .

      Science only have one truth ,scientific truth does not exist with Chinese characteristics .For duoal-cone head plastic omposite parallel dual-head,dual extruders and dual composite device characteristics is not a simple repetition of the technical content ,behind closed doors ,and a waste of resources of the country and our children.

     The coated plastic composite machine was produced by Hengchang company,especially for the end of valve packets ,taking the international route ,on the basis of the scientific understanding singlemode head foldback coated craft ,knitting cylinder clothdisposable sided composite resolutely abandoned only a waste of energy consumption ,increase operating personnel ,increased security risks , increase floor space double extruder ,dual composite device coated composite technology .

4The silicone roller mucosal problem

The mucosal reasons .The composite machine is running high speed for a long time , the accumulated heat of hot-melt extruded by the die head at the air gap is difficult due to volatilization out .First cooling roller they can be used to provide the condensed water to lower the temperature of the cooling roller surface ,when in iperation, the temperature of the cooling pass to the silicone rool .Manufacture of solid silicone vulcanized silicone rollers are used ,the surface of the microporous more ,the large the gap,during which it is not easy distribution of heat storage .And cooling roll pass is only the cooling water temperature ,and can not give the desired wetting of the rubber roll was cooled .Directly on the silicone roller coated with Teflon,feasibility is worthwhile to investigate the test .

      Common coated plastic composite machine for the processing of the mucous membrane of the silicone roller ,generally use the sink wetting rubber roller ,or drops of liquid soap the local wetting cooling ,or partially coated with Teflon high temperature tape ,and tape for gascooling or to smear silicone oil cooling. Although the first two means certain practifcality drawback is obvious ,but does not conform to the idea of complete controllable devices . Wetting apparatus of the printing press roll version ,the above method can have a lot of room for improvement .

      Hengcheng coated plastic composite machine in addition to configuring the freezer condensate cooling composite pressure roller is also equipped with intelligent micro-oil mist the MQL cooled wetting device ,effectively cooling and wetting composite pressure roller ,prevent mucosal occur .The amount of oil imported precision pneumatic piston pump every time pressure is only 0.03ml. Such methods and devices to minimize the probability of downtime handle mucosa balanced to ensure product quality ,improve the stability and safety of the equipment running , coated with special with Chevron high temperature ,the economy is also better than and does not increase the production costs for the user .

5The side film cutting means and the collecting device

Therefore , accurate ,stable edge film cutting and online collection device for a coated plastic composite machine is very necessary .Coated plastic composite manufacturers and customers for the understanding of the configuration of the auxiliary is not sufficient ,complacency and conformism .This is a digital information age ,the above figures are sufficient to change our ideas ,accept new ideas.

6Coated plastic composite for the influence on printing quality

     At present ,due to woven industry have high competitioin ,in order to increase the added value of the bags ,The market is flooded with a large number of the lack of print ads aesthetic design philosophy ,colorful ,bells and whistles ,the vulgar color film bags is a microcosm of the development of Chinese woven industry deformity .The lack of culture ,lack of modern packaging gconcept of excessive packaging ,which increase the cost of all transferred to the peasants ,the last increase in the cost of agricultural products ,the final analysis is the CPI rise ,harm to others ,but also contrary to the single packaging materials ,simple criteria ,but also a tremendous waste of petrochemical resources do not meet the scientific concept of sustainable development . This is misleading deformity market daemand bubble .

We are not denying to pursue the market for woven style ,but for rational needs of the packaging .In an economic rational and aesthetic considerations ,the constant into a plastic composite machine by absorbing printing anilox roll transfer ink technology and plastic rolling technology,improved composite cold roller surface shape and craftsmanship,improved base fabric coated composite the degree of uniformity ,not only to increase the square bottom bag making soldering increase the physical contact area,to increase the welding fastness composite woven cloth at the same time in the future through rubber version roller transfer printing ,obtained approximates BOPP gravure color film clarity ,fine degree of alternative BOPP the color film bags ,cost saving for customers ,saving resources for social and sustainable development for the woven industry’s heatlth ,good hardware ready .


Square bottom valve bag made form composite plastic woven tubular fabric .Changzhou HengCheng with the company’s bottom valve bag making machine ,to meet its special bag-making the coated process requirements ,development and production of a cylindrical plastic woven cloth coated composite machine.These are some experience in practice ,I hope to share with my colleagues in the industry to explore common of woven plastics industry in China technological progress .

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