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ACIH Introduction

Advanced Composites Innovation Hub (briefly ACIH) is the platform in which, all the valuable information and resources meet and integrate, so it embodies more of an international integrated innovation. ACIH is not the mediator or broker of all kinds of information and resources, but a complete solution & Investment project provider of innovative and advanced composites through independent R&D platforms, collecting and integrating all valuable information and resources, fulfilling the task of industrialization, productization and commercialization.

“Composites are materials that could be designed”, which not only requires top-quality talents with interdisciplinary knowledge and skills, but also needs close cooperation among all professional institutions. ACIH is not a competitor to R&D institutes or manufacturers, but a partner believing in “we are inseparable”. The technology of advanced composites is profound; ACIH focuses on Prepreg technology and subsequent Automatic Processing technology. 

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